Sunday, 4 November 2012

Réics Carló 2012

‘Binjí Madra ar Strae’ written by Patricia Forde and illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald. Binjí is shortlist for Réics Carló 2012 Children’s Book of the Year. Awards on the 21st November 2012.

Binjí the dog and Cloigín the cat

Binjí, the little dog, has got lost in the big city. 

 Anxious to reunite with his master who awaits him at the market, 

 Binjí meets a clever cat named Cloigín.

 Cloigín is sure she can help Binjí find his way home.

 But can she, really?

Benjí decides to follow his own instincts

For children 10-13 years and adults of every age!

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